For the past two weeks we've asked you to tell us why you deserve a brand new stick from Baron Hockey and the response has been overwhelming! We have received over 50 entries in that time frame and have heard a lot of great stories. Our contest remains open until Friday, September 22nd, so we encourage you to continue entering by sending us an email.

For now, take a look at a few entries we have received so far!

Wayne McCaw

"I was fortunate to be a member of the Eaton Blackhawks that won the CARHA Hockey World Cup in 2016. Windsor recently experienced a major environmental incident, resulting in thousands of homes being flooded, including mine. I was fortunate that my flooding was only rainwater not sewer water, however, my insurance only covers sewer damage. Sadly my hockey equipment was in the basement and my insurance will not cover the cost to replace it, therefore I am writing this letter and hoping for a positive result during my difficult time."

Mary Ann and Jim

"Well I have never owned a really good stick. The guys all say that nothing would improve my shot anyway so why bother? I would really like to prove them wrong and would love to be able to report that a Baron Hockey stick made the difference!"

Dawn Haussler

"Last year was my first full season of playing out in our Kitchener-Waterloo Women's Recreational Hockey League (KWWRHL). Before that, I had played goal for almost 20 years. I was diagnosed with mild arthritis in my knees at the end of the 2015-16 season. I have loved the game since I was a young child so the chance that I couldn't play anymore was terrible to think of. And so at the age of 50, I decided to try playing out. I attended some hockey clinics with my husband the past 2 summers and am looking forward to the start of our new season in a few weeks.

Last season I played every position, including subbing in goal for a few games. I still love to play goal, but realize that I can't do it full time. Our league is in great need of new goalies. My husband helps coach my team. It was a frustrating year for me as goaltending comes naturally to me since I was a small child playing in the driveway. Often when I play out, I feel like I am in the wrong place and aimlessly skating around. I know I need to get into better shape being in my 50s so I can keep up to the youngsters. I love the comradery on the bench which I missed as a goalie. I also like to support my goalie as I know first hand what it feels like to be in that position.

I think I had a few assists last year, but I would love to score my first goal. Please consider me to win a free stick from Baron Hockey so that I can realize that dream!"

Geoff Hobson

"Reason I need new lumber - seems like the one I have is out of goals!"