The Challenges Faced in Women's Hockey

Women don't have it quite as easy as men do in the game of hockey.

With the sport only just beginning to trend towards equality, there are many hurdles that women face in the sport. Less opportunity, gender norms, and different rules just to name a few!

The courage and perseverance they show to overcome these challenges is inspiring.

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Lindsay's Season at Syracuse So Far

As many of you know, we had an intern at CARHA Hockey over the summer who provided us with original content for our website and social media platforms. Unfortunately, in August she had to leave us to resume her studies and corresponding hockey career at Syracuse University.

We thought we'd check in with Lindsay to see how she's been doing!

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The Ecstasy of Scoring

Hopefully, as a rec hockey player you’ve had the chance to experience it. The second you release that shot, you have a good feeling it’s getting by the goalie. Instinct takes over in a way you just don’t feel with a missed shot or save. It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling. Time seems to slow down a bit, and then you realize it - you just scored a goal!

Nothing beats that rec hockey buzz.

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November 2017

Table of Contents

Challenges Women Face

Update from our Intern

The Ecstasy of Scoring

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