The women's hockey season thus far has been one of little progress, when heading into the season, movements to #GrowTheGame were gaining perhaps more traction than ever.

That traction seems to have stalled momentarily, and now we're all left in a waiting period, just standing on the sideline wondering what's next?

Where does the game currently stand?

Well, the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) continues with business as usual, with the Boston Pride, Buffalo Beauts, Minnesota Whitecaps, Metropolitan Riveters, and Connecticut Whale all competing regularly, however, the league has been called a "glorified beer league" by former players, as many of the top professional players are a part of the ongoing boycott.

The boycott for 200+ players continues and the Professional Women's Hockey Players' Association (PWHPA) continues to stand up for their rights and what they believe in, in hopes of achieveing their goal of an equitable and fair place for women to play.

The National Hockey League (NHL) continues to express their ability to support the women's side of the game, but many are unsure to what extent. A simple financial commitment or a league run entirely by the NHL?

Lately, there are murmurs of big news coming soon, as people believe that talks are ongoing about a unified, professional women's hockey league in North America. While we're unsure of whether this would be a growth for the NWHL, a new league entirely, or otherwise, we're just hoping for good news sooner than later.

Either way, something has to give soon. There simply has to be a place for the best players in the world to play and showcase their talent to all; we can't have them working other jobs any longer!