The days are getting shorter. The temperature is dropping. And the World Junior Championships are right around the corner. That can only mean one thing – the holidays are almost here. If you’re still looking for a gold-medal gift for the hockey player in your life, scroll down for some late-game inspiration.


A framed jersey makes a beautiful addition to an office, a fan cave, or a basement bar. It’s an excellent conversation starter, a piece to be admired, or the first steps on a stroll down memory lane. Most jerseys display numbers and name bars like Lemieux, Crosby, or McDavid but consider tracking down an old sweater from your player’s days in college, junior or minor hockey and giving it the pro treatment.

You can find framing instructions online or turn to a local expert (who will no doubt appreciate the extra business this season).


A lot has changed this year. The way we work, play, and learn looks significantly different than it did 12 months ago. One thing that never gets old is a great bottle of wine. Treat your loved ones (and yourself) to a world-class wine this holiday season. A professional will help you find a unique and premium label, varietal, or grape you might not have heard of to stand out this holiday season.

Skip the indecision at your local bottle shop and turn to a sommelier like Buyers + Cellars (Ontario exclusive). You can also help support your favourite restaurant by asking them for recommendations and ordering a bottle directly from their cellar.


Over the holidays, sometimes the only lifting you do is yourself off the couch. So, any serious (or soon to be serious) athlete will relish the gift of personal training to help them get back on track in the new year.  Spending time with a dedicated strength coach has almost endless positive results. Improving your overall fitness can help you dominate your league, enjoy more restful sleep, increase your confidence and sense of self-worth, and provide a sense of mental clarity. Traditionally, personal training is done one-on-one or in small groups, but during the pandemic many strength coaches across the country have developed virtual coaching programs to help their athletes progress despite the distance. Remote training isn’t just a stop gap until you can get in-person, it’s a standalone program to help you reach your goals.

Click here for a few virtual Personal Training gift card options from Capital Strength in Ottawa.


Hockey is often described as the fastest game on earth. That speed comes from short bursts of all-out energy. While it makes watching the game an electric experience, it can pose certain heart risks for those not in professional shape. Consider a heart rate monitor for the aging athlete in your life. These trackers keep an eye on your beats per minute to help you play your hardest without pushing yourself beyond your limits.

Check out Best Buy’s selection of digital and analog heart rate monitors. From stylish wrist watches to chest-mounted straps, these devices have come a long way in looks and reliability and are offered at virtually every price point.