The following benefits are included in your CARHA Hockey Membership.


Included in your CARHA Hockey Referee Membership is $10 Million Liability Insurance and Sport Accident Coverage (in association with Lawrie Insurance Group).

National Referee Registry

Promote your services nationwide - access the registry through our Quick Finder.

Provincial Tournaments

Apply for the opportunity to officiate at CARHA Hockey's Provincial Tournaments.

CARHA Hockey Official Rule Book

A CARHA Hockey Official Rule Book is provided every year. (Android users may need to download the Adobe Reader app on their phone to use interactive features) 

CARHA Hockey Official Crest

CARHA Hockey Official Crest is provided every two years (upon request).

Our referee insurance provides you with the following benefits:

  • $10 Million Liability Insurance with Certificate of Insurance
  • Sport Accident Insurance including dental, ambulance, physiotherapy, chiropractor, athletic therapist, prescription drugs, etc. 
  • Priced at just $25 per referee
  • Up to $2,000 in dental coverage

Any individual that CARHA Hockey recognizes as a registered member in good standing has coverage when involved in a CARHA Hockey approved event. An approved CARHA Hockey event/activity takes place at the direction and with the approval of the CARHA Hockey.

To see our Insurance Chart, please click here.

In less than 20 minutes, you become part of an exclusive group of referees who have separated themselves from the rest by completing CARHA Hockey’s referee modules. These interactive modules are a training resource that provides you with the basic to advanced skills, tools, and knowledge required to navigate the referee world. CARHA Hockey leagues and tournaments prefer using the service of referees who have taken CARHA Hockey’s referee module training.

To access these modules, your username and password are required. Contact Clarinda Sharpe by phone at 1-800-267-1854 or email us for your username and password, or for more information on these valuable referee modules.


CARHA Hockey is a not-for-profit organization that provides its members with flexible and cost-effective options for comprehensive insurance coverage. All benefits available under the CARHA Hockey insurance protection program are subject to the actual terms and conditions of the insurance policy in force during the period of membership. Insurance procured and provided by CARHA Hockey may not cover all potential losses, damages or injuries that a player might sustain playing hockey. The coverage offered by CARHA Hockey is reasonable in the circumstances given its financial resources and any additional coverage would be unavailable or cost-prohibitive. All members are responsible for ensuring that their insurance coverage is suitable in their own specific circumstances. The information contained herein highlights the CARHA Hockey insurance protection program but does not create or confer any contractual rights and the benefits available during the period of membership may vary based on market conditions and benefit availability. If there is any question of interpretation all rights and benefits will be governed by the terms of actual terms and conditions of the insurance policy in force during the period of membership. CARHA Hockey reserves the right to amend, substitute or revoke any or all of the benefits available under the CARHA Hockey insurance protection program without notice in its sole discretion.

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