What's Next?

Since the folding of the Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL) at the end of March 2019, what many considered to be the lowest point for women's hockey in recent memory, there has been progress in the right direction.

While progress is constant, there is a long, long way to go. So what's next?

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A Participating Hometown Classic Team!

CARHA Hockey had the chance to interview a participating women's team from last year's Hometown Classic to ask them all about their experience.

We're hoping to see the Predators at the Hometown Classic in Ottawa again this year, as well as you and your team. Contact James (JDaly@CARHAHockey.ca) for more information!

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Hockey is Just For Fun!

The beginning of the hockey season is always a good time for a reminder, that at the end of the day, this game is almost always just for fun.

Unless you're playing at basically the very highest level that this game has to offer, making a living by stepping on the ice, hockey is simply meant to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously.

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Cleaning SummerSkates

CARHA Hockey recently partnered with SummerSkates!

SummerSkates are customizable, high performance sports sandals with many comfort and performance features. Check out our guide on how easy they are to clean, and shop SummerSkates in our store now!

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October 2019

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What's Next?

Hometown Classic

Hockey is Just For Fun

Cleaning SummerSkates


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