CARHA Hockey is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and fully inclusive environment for players.

CARHA Hockey encourages leagues, teams, tournaments, players and coaches to implement policy in regards to transgender and non-binary/gender fluid individuals so that all persons feel welcome in the inclusive sport that is hockey.

It is important to continuously monitor your policy and adapt to changes as they come, and to keep an eye on your province’s legislation.

Policy on transgender individuals should include the following:

  • Players who identify as transgender can use the dressing room corresponding to their gender identity
  • Players who identify as transgender can be addressed by their preferred name and pronoun, both in person and on league documents
  • Players who identify as transgender can have the privacy and confidentiality of their transgender status respected
  • League documents should use “Gender” or “Gender Identity” rather than “Sex”, and options should include “Male”, “Female”, “Another” (with option to disclose), or “Prefer Not To Disclose”
  • Players who identify as transgender have access to all facilities and services in accordance with their self-identified gender identity and expression, and should feel as if they are operating in a “safe space”
  • All who identify as transgender should be eligible to participate in the sport they choose, on a team that they gender identify with Training and/or education is encouraged to team representatives, players, officials, league organizers, and facility employees. All of these measures are an attempt to create a more trans-inclusive environment by upholding the human rights of transgender and gender-diverse players. Hockey is welcoming and inclusive, offering an opportunity to participate without regards to age, gender, race, language, sexual orientation, disability, geography, or economic circumstances. 


Non-Binary/Gender Fluid Participants:

Individuals who identify as gender non-binary or gender fluid should be able to participate in activities with the gender group in which they feel most comfortable and safe. Based on the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport’s Expert Working Group’s inclusion-first approach, it is important for adult recreational hockey organizations to take steps to adjust and adapt to become more inclusive of participants who are gender fluid or gender non-binary. While decisions should be based on a case-by-case basis, we do suggest that gender fluid or gender non-binary participants, once they have chosen where they would like to play, to continue to play with that gender for the given season.


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