CARHA Hockey supports the measures being implemented for a safe environment for our recreational hockey players and to protect the communities they play in. We prioritize the health and safety of our participants in their return to play.

As such and in the interest of the safety of the players, CARHA Hockey is asking that all eligible adult recreational participants, officials and volunteers receive the double COVID-19 vaccine.

Please note: Policies for participant vaccination are set out by individual leagues and are dependent on legislation. Due to the fluidity of the current situation, policies are subject to change and will be updated as needed. Follow directions from your local Public Health Authority and the protocols set in your province.

If a league opts to require double vaccination it would be operating within the law as it currently stands and would be seen to be taking the necessary precautions to preserve the safety of the players, coaches and administrators.

Our advice is that each league obtains their own legal advice, but CARHA Hockey’s position is that the league has the power to set the rules for participation and to take the safety of its players as a top priority.