CARHA Hockey is partnered with Lawrie Insurance Group, which offers one of the most affordable hockey programs available. The CGL is underwritten by GameDay Insurance Inc. and Trinity Underwriting Managers Ltd. The On-Ice Sport Accident benefits are underwritten by AIG Insurance Company of Canada. All policies are subject to the actual terms and conditions of the insurance policy in force during the period of membership.

This website will provide you with a brief description of the coverage available. The full details of the coverage are contained in the policy, including limitations, exclusions and termination provisions.

Note: CARHA Hockey strongly recommends the use of neck guards/throat protectors.

Policy effective September 30, 2023 - Version Français

Click here for the Fracture Benefit percentage payout 

If you have had an accident while playing hockey and you are a CARHA Hockey Member, you will need to submit the Sport Accident Claim Form (English Form / French Form) within 90 days of the accident to the CARHA Hockey Office. Coverage is in place, provided members have been seen by a doctor or dentist within 30 days from their date of injury.

Once CARHA Hockey's claims representative has received your Sport Accident Claim Form along with your receipts, your file will remain open for 52 weeks from the date of your injury. Continue to collect and send us your receipts, which can be faxed or mailed to the CARHA Hockey office. Expect a 2–3 week turnaround time for all claims to be processed. If the information on this form is incomplete, there may be a delay in processing your claim.

Important - all forms and all receipts are to be submitted to CARHA Hockey with the Sport Accident Claim Form, or it cannot be processed. CARHA Hockey's Insurance Coverage acts as either your primary or secondary coverage. If you currently have primary coverage with your employer, your spouse’s employer, or another insurance company, you must submit all receipts to them first and then subsequently to CARHA Hockey, as CARHA Hockey becomes your secondary provider, which provides the coverage for the remaining percentage that was not covered by the primary provider.

Should your league be hosting and serving alcohol at an off-ice event that is directly related to your league (league banquet, AGM) and takes place in a non-licensed establishment, it is recommended that a Special Event Application be completed. This separate insurance can be applied for and purchased through CARHA Hockey (upon approval). The cost for the Special Event Certificate starts at $125.00. Please contact Kristan Leach for more information.

Any individual that CARHA Hockey recognizes as a registered member in good standing has coverage when involved in a CARHA Hockey-approved event. An approved CARHA Hockey event/activity takes place at the direction and with the approval of the CARHA Hockey. To learn more about hockey insurance (in association with Lawrie Insurance Group), contact us.

It is required that all CARHA Hockey members sign the Adult Waiver form. Download our Waiver for Adult Participants in English or French.

CARHA Hockey registered players acknowledge that there is a risk of being injured when playing the game of hockey.